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Krysia Photography specializes in newborn photography and is the premier newborn photographer in the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area. Christine will take the time needed with you and your new baby to capture and preserve those spectacular first moments of life experience by your new bundle - beautiful heirloom memories to last a lifetime.

Newborn sessions take place in Christine's home-based studio. This type of controlled environment works best for your baby and the heirloom images you will receive. Christine has hundreds of fabrics, props, headbands and hats (accessories) to make your newborn session a beautiful experience that you will treasure in the form of photographers over your lifetime.

For scheduling your newborn session, you should contact Christine/Krysia Photography to schedule your session while you are still pregnant at least 6-8 weeks in advance. (PLease do not wait until your baby has been delivered to schedule. I almost can never accomodate last minute bookings for a newborn session after your new little one has arrived and feel so sad turning anyone away). Scheduling well in advance ensures we get you on the books/calendar for the particular month you are due. Of course, we will make adjustments for your session date once your baby arrives. Krysia Photography can only take a select amount of newborn sessions a month due to the unpredictability of birth dates, as a result. We operate on a first-booked, first-served basis. We always try to work in those early arriving newborns, or last minute bookings as best we can.

Krysia Photography prefers to book newborns between 6-14 days of life, before they change over from newborn to baby. We try to wait until mother's milk is fully in (usually by day 4/5), and before 21 days at the latest (preferably 6-14 days).

It is advised for you to bring the following items along to your newborn session:

* Extra bottles of milk (pumped milk or formula)

* Pacifier

* extra receiving blankets (in case yours get peed on)

* an extra shirt for you and dad (in case you get peed on)

Please be aware that your new little one will need to eat at least 2-3 times the normal volume during your newborn session. The stimulation and being naked for the session stimulates most newborns to want to eat much more than their typical volume. We usually hear a lot of parents exclaim, "I can't believe he/she ate that much!" It is normal.

Please bring only immediate family to your session (newborn, parents, any siblings, etc.) There is very limiting seating and not enough to accomodate grandparents/friends during your session. Thanks for understanding.

We have a huge selection of props, hats, headbands, tutus, backdrops and throws that we have in our studio for your session!! There is no need to bring along any clothing items with you to your studio session. All of these items are available for use during your session and are included as part of your experience.

We would love to photograph you along with your new baby, as well as any siblings you would like to have photographed. There is no additional charge for this service!

A newborn session with Krysia Photography typically goes as follows:

*1-2 prop/container set ups

*family images, if desired

*beanbag/fabric posing on a fabric

All of this typically takes around 2 hours, on average. Usually between 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours, depending on how many times your little one needs to eat/nurse.

Thank you for choosing Krysia Photography to capture those timeless, heirloom images of your newborn.

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